Why You Should Not Make Youtube Videos?

March 29, 2016
youtube marketing

Have you ever thought about making videos?

I’m actually going to help you in this process if you’re still thinking about it and tell you the two signs that you really should not make any Youtube videos.


  1. You don’t know what to talk about

    If you’re gonna start a Youtube channel that people love, subscribe and share, you should probably have a clue about what you’re going to present to them in the video format. First of all, you have to know who they are, second of all, you have to know what kind of things they like and how they want to hear about it.

    Then you have to think about how to make a cool video that attracts a lot of target people.

  2. You have no patience

    As much as an argument as many would like to about the overnight successes of people on Youtube, the ones that are actually doing it and doing well did a lot of work to get to the point of success.

    So if you plan to start a Youtube channel and dial-up those tags and keywords, so you just hit the ground running with lots of subscribers in views, you have another thing coming.

    You need to have patience and you need to know that you’re dealing with people. Viewers and subscribers are people, they’ll engage with you and you’ll have conversations with them and building this relationship takes little bit of time.

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