The Amazon Marketing Channel and How you Can Use It

July 8, 2016
Amazon marketing

Amazon marketing3 Days ago I was in London at a business conference, the conference itself was free and a bit boring to be honest, but the networking I did was quality. I met a number of people who had great businesses and who understood modern marketing through technology (exactly what I am interest in.)

One of the individuals I spoke to owned an amazon business and also an amazon seo company, he explained how easy it was to create a profitable amazon business, and how he netted £10,000 a month in profit without even touching his products. This process and business is called Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon.)

Building an FBA business isn’t as hard as you might think and in this article I’m going to outline the key steps to take to make this a real business and how you can do this quickly too.

1.) Product Selection and Generation

This is the most time consuming section. Essentially this is what your business is going to be selling. I recommend choosing an industry you either have experience in or a love for. This will help you later on when it comes to different marketing techniques. Once you have your broad industry it is time to select the product you want. You can use tools such as MerchantWords and JungleScout to check the search volumes and how much profit each seller is making through these products. You want to choose something that has a high enough sales volume, but not too high that it would be too competitive.

Once you have your product you need to obviously get it produced or manufactured. I recommend just heading over to and selecting a supplier through their search features. This is all really easy to do, all you do is search your products keywords in the search and select the supplier you like the look of. Once you have 3-5 you like then contact them individually asking a few key questions and start to get quote for a certain number of units.

Get samples sent first and then place an order! It really is that simple, although it does take a lot of back and fourth.

2.) Setting Up Amazon

Once you have your product produced you will have to create a shipment in the seller central. You will obviously also need to create a product listing. This is what you see on amazon when you are shopping for items. This needs to include all your major keywords, as well as some quality images. Bad images or poorly written product listings will reduce your rankings and hence make it harder for people to find and buy your product.

3.) Promotions reviews and Sales

Amazon bases their Algo on sales and reviews. This means to get started you will need to ask family and friends to purchase the products you have and leave a review after a few weeks. Once you have your first 15-20 reviews you can set up an amazon PPC campaign which will help you generate more sales through a paid advertising listing.

Remember to just go out and take action!

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